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Table Mountain Tickets is a place where you can find the latest Price and cost for the Aerial Cableway in Cape Town. This site includes the  Time and hours for the Cable Car and Specials and deals which you might find interesting. Not find what you are looking for? Try the Contact and details section on this page to enquire. 

Table Mountain Tickets is rated the #1 tourist destination in Cape Town. This is because the national Park Table Mountain, is a New 7 Wonder of Nature. Not sure? Check out our information and book tickets for the Cableway before you arrive. Things can get busy on Table Mountain and the last thing to want to be doing is queuing at the Lower Cableway Station.

Some days get hot so there is no point waiting in a queue that may take hours or longer! It’s worth more in your time to buy tickets online before the day. Table Mountain Tickets is a seller of these passes required to enter the Cableway. We do this by selling you 2 options for getting into the Cable Car. Morning and afternoon. Sometimes specials on this site include sunset, birthday, R90, R100, and deals. 

Stay tuned for those but for now we discuss two main ticket types, morning and afternoon. 

  • Morning – Tickets issued for open to 13:00h
  • Afternoon – Tickets issued from 13:00h – close

Morning Tickets

Morning tickets are admissions to the Cableway from 8:00am or 8:30am, depending on the season. There are times the Cable Car departs up the mountain earlier, around 7:00am or 7:30am but these cable cars going up that time are carrying staff and a few select people up the mountain including photographers and those with prior arrangements with the Cableway. 

Most people fall into the category of morning, or afternoon. For this purpose we will be discussing morning as the first commercial ticket available to all those booking online. 

That is like 99% of people will find tickets for the morning time through our website online.

Morning in Cape Town is quite special. For one you might get to see the clouds that cover Cape Town City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard. These fog or mist coverings over the city are spectacular. They are a common sight for South Africans but a rare sight for those who come to the top of Table Mountain in morning with tickets. Get these tickets from our website BEFORE they are sold out! In the morning still wear plenty of sunblock because you can get quite burned around 11am or noon time in Cape Town. The sun is powerful on top so keep a hat and a jacket handy incase it is windy. 

Next let’s talk about afternoon or the other ticket type. Afternoon tickets to Table Mountain.


Afternoon tickets are usually a better choice for those who do not like go get up early, or have some other arrangements in the morning. 

These tickets are equally beautiful on top of the mountain and avoid the large crowds that gather in the morning. These are perfect for those who do not want to rush and possibly want to take their time on top. There is no reason not to experience these tickets. 

Afternoon tickets are valid from 13:00pm and work until close, that is the last time that the Cable Car goes down. That can be around 8pm or 9pm depending on the season or 7pm, late enough to catch a glimpse of the sunset! 

Afternoon tickets have the benefit of watching the dassies, native African creature, take their afternoon nap. There are feeders of these creatures, tourists who feed them scraps, but we dl not suggest it, as they are wild. They are tame towards humans because of the amount of visitors they get but they are still wild and we err on the side of caution. There’s still plenty of fun to be had and the people like to take photographs of them. Standing close, very close to take a picture and the dassie then hops away. 

Back to the ticket, Table Mountain Afternoon tickets are an excellent choice for those who want sun. Clear skies are normal in the afternoon after the South Easter wind has blown much of the clouds away. There is even a special type of cloud called the “Table Cloth” a cloud cover that covers the top of Table Mountain and drapes over the side like a real table cloth. Secial recognition to the name Table Mountain that resembles a table because of it’s flat top and wide range. The guys couldn’t have come up with a more original name, think about it “Table Mountain” looks like a Table. “Lion’s Head”, looks like a lion. Logical, right?  

Before we diverge, take a look at the  table in the next section. It shows the morning, afternoon and even the sunset time slot. 

We will discuss the sunset timeslot in more detail later but for now check out the price and cost by clicking the link “View Prices” and when you are ready to order, follow the checkout and tickets will be delivered. The tickets are delivered with 1 week to go from your chosen date at checkout. The tickets are valid for 7 days from the date printed on the ticket, the one you requested at checkout. The format is day/month/year (DD/MM/YYYY).

Price and Cost:

Now let’s talk about the Table Mountain Price  or the Table Mountain cost

These are similar to the first section however in this section we break down the prices into three distinct types: Morning, Afternoon and Sunset.

In the following table, we see the price and cost for 2022 and 2023. Keep in mind we discuss these in more detail later on. 

🌅 MorningView Prices
☀️ AfternoonView Prices
🌅 SunsetView Prices

In the above table, click on “view prices” to see the latest prices. 

You’ll need to take a bit of time to choose which time you want so that you can get the correct ticket time. Choose the correct one because your print out or digital pass will reflect this chosen time and it cannot be changed.

The costs are not listed directly on one page because they change, so we list them on the final checkout page. Usually these are accessible with a little effort so we recommend that you go and see the checkout page to view those prices.

If you want to see the costs elsewhere, sometimes they are listed online but they do not sell tickets whereas here you will find the prices and the option to buy. 

Next is the section for the current year, 2022 and we share the prices for the Cable Car.

  • Table Mountain Ticket Prices for 2022

 Since the Aerial Cableway has different prices, we have summarized these in an easy to read table. These include the type and year. 

The left column contains the Table Mountain Ticket prices for 2022 and the right column contains a link to view. 

We recommend getting the tickets in advance because of the number of people who queue at the Cableway on the day, it is not wise to wait till the day to purchase. 

2022 TicketPrices 2022
🌅 MorningView Prices
☀️ AfternoonView Prices
🌅 SunsetView Prices

We do things better here at Table Mountain Tickets, why? Because our website is simpler, easier and more straightforward than other websites offering anything.

See for yourself, click on the above link to view the prices for 2022, and be amazed! 

Now, we’ll discuss prices for the next year and be forward in preparing. 

  • Table Mountain Ticket Prices for 2023

There’s tickets, and then there are the Table Mountain ticket prices for 2023

We think you are here for the latter, so let us not spare time waiting. 

Getting into the prices for 2023, the following table shows us

  1. The time – the time of day. 
  2. The price – the cost to ride. 

The time is the hour schedule to ride the Cableway, ranging from early to sunset. 

The price is the rate or fee one pays to ride the Cable Car in Cape Town both ways.

It’s simple to book a Table Mountain Cable Car ride these days, and we’ve made it even easier by offering free information on this site. Our information is no charge for all to read and we’ve made it available by selling Table Mountain Cable Car Tickets.

Easy-peasy presto! Just book a ticket through the below link. 

Worried that you may not be getting the best deal? Try waiting at the Cable Car on a hot summers day with 35 degrees direct sun and a queue from here all the way down Table Mountain parking 500m away! 

We think you will change your mind very quickly. Trust us, buy online. Skip the queue to buy tickets by buying online in minutes, not hours like by waiting for on the day. 

We digress, take a look at the below mentioned prices for 2023. 

Table Mountain ticket prices for 2023

2023 TicketPrices 2023
🌅 MorningView Prices
☀️ AfternoonView Prices
🌅 SunsetView Prices

Special, isn’t it? These are the latest for 2023 and you didn’t even do so much as to bat an eyelid. 

Impressive, but not when you think of what’s coming. What’s that!? 

That is, 

The Table Mountain specials and deals for tickets. Read on! 

Specials and Deals:

This section has Table Mountain specials, freebies and actual Table mountain deals

  • Specials – limited time offers.
  • Deal – discounts or savings.

Specials are those inside discount passes that one can find on a rare occasion.

Deals include more common but less standard offers than specials.

These offerings include R100, R90, Birthday Special, Sunset Special, and others .

  • R100 – tickets literally for one-hundred-rand.
  • R90 – ninety-rand tickets may surprise you.
  • Birthday – happy birthday to you! R0.
  • Sunset – Picturesque sundown over the ocean. 

The best place and way to find one of these is on our site. Don’t expect to find them because they only happen once in a while and most people do not get them at all. 

  • Table Mountain R100 Tickets

These are some of the lowest price passes one can find. There is almost nothing cheaper than these but keep reading for something even less expensive than it.

The small but informational lower pricing shows the hundred ticket and price.

Click view price to be utterly wowed!

R100View Prices

Table Mountain R100 Tickets are not the only special available, there is R90 too. 

Because there are so many, keep reading to find the best discount. It may take time. 

Be patient while reading and the efforts may pay off! There’s free tickets somewhere. 

  • Table Mountain R90 Special

Along the lines of the one-hundred, there is the ninety. That is, the R90 special for Table Mountain. There are less pricier passes than these but now let’s discuss the only remaining priced discount available. 

Take a look at the following, there are two rows and 2 columns. Each is unique. 

Now, remember that you will need to spend money to get passes but for little more than you would expect, based on what is ON SALE at the time. 

These are priced off for the taking! Just get your hands on some of these special passes.

SpecialSpecial price
R90View Prices


step 1: click on the hyperlink. 

Step 2: select your type and time.

Step 3: select the quantity of admissions.


Step 4: checkout with a debit or credit card.

These are the Table Mountain R90 special tickets available on special occasions.

Not finding what you are looking for? How about Birthday admissions for R0. 


Zero, nill, nothing or nada! That is a special worth your time. But, there is a but, there is a catch. 


You may ask what is the catch for the birthday special? Read on to find out.

  • Table Mountain Cable Car Birthday Special

This super duper special might tickle your fancy. The cake has it’s candles lit and it’s the Table Mountain Cable Car Birthday Special

Nice? Yes but remember, the catch! 

What is the catch? Well, there are 2 catches:

  • It has to be your birthday on the date of the ticket and, 
  • The b-day special is, sorry, but only available to South Africans. 

It’s horrible, I know. You come to Cape Town to celebrate your birthday and WHAM! 

No passes for you. 

But there is a present you may find on our site if this is what you are looking for: 

  • Foreigner – not from South Africa? I don’t know why they call it foreign 

We all come from somewhere and are not local to somewhere else.

Foreigner seems rude. Let’s call it not South African, which is great because there is nothing special about being South African and we all know about the problems in Southern Africa originating from crime.

Anyways, from Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Germany or anywhere else, you can still get tickets and are welcome to with us but you can’t get the birthday special, these are the rules of the Aerial Cableway company so…

Click on the link below to see if you qualify.

BirthdayView Prices

If you don’t qualify then there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  1. The birthday special is a South African deal
  2. There are other specials for foreigners looking to go. 
  3. It’s easy to forget that regular tickets are easy to buy and more reliable. 

If you understand those things one – South Africans are the only ticket holders able to access the birthday special. Two – there are other discounted prices for foreign travelers and, three – Table Mountain regular tickets are a safer and a more reliable way to get admission to the Cable Car in Cape Town.

So, why does anyone want the Birthday Special pass? That is a question you have to ask them but in our opinion 99% people are better off with return admission and no b-day pass and no waiting to find web tickets.

Next is a way to visit the Aerial Cableway that includes the popular sunset special.

  • Table Mountain Sunset Special

Cape Town in the evening is perhaps the most beautiful country in the world. 

Think about it, 

The Southern part of the world has a place with not 1 but 2 oceans, mountains, and rainbow clouds that set over the seas. 

Table Mountain sunset special is the best way to view the Mother City from above, high up, beyond the silver lining of the clouds and sundown on the Table Top.

There are some who say this fantastic bargain of a ticket comes at one of the best prices in terms of specials available for the cable car in Cape Town. 


Because Cape Town sunset is unforgettable . 

SunsetView Prices

The link view price gives an accurate cost to the updated specials for sunset. 

Click on it now to be taken to the sales page where you can choose the number of people and the date of the visit. They are printout passes with barcodes delivered by email.

Now that you have seen the sun setting over Cape Town, the 2022 prices follow next

  • Table Mountain Sunset Special 2022
2022 SpecialsPrice
SunsetView Prices

The above table has two columns. 1) Specials and 2) Price. The first is about the Sunset and the second, latter price is the latest for the current year. Click on “View” to see those and gain insight into the year’s deals. Next are the 2023 specials, in the next table we see those prices for Table Mountain the following year. 

  • Table Mountain Sunset Special 2023

The price for next year’s trip to the Mother City is complete with Table Mountain Sunset specials for 2023. Note this website provides the price and latest South African entry requirements for the Aerial Cableway.

2023 SpecialsPrice
SunsetView Prices

Start by pressing the bolded button in the right column, it should say something like “Sunset prices for 2023”. Once those are confirmed by clicking the highlighted, a separate page will open where you can select the number of tickets for the sundowners deal for the Cable Car.

  • Table Mountain deals

There are few deals better than the Table Mountain cityscape funicular. Those with an idea of it’s magnificence will tell you that it’s worth the price. That is, if you can get a deal. 

Here on our website, among other things, we share Table Mountain deals. Looking forward to your next travel arrangements? Try book a forward deal to Table Mountain National Park, the best way to spend your day in Cape Town apart from the V&A Waterfront or the Victoria and Alfred.

Table MountainPrice
🌅 Morning DealView Prices
☀️ Afternoon DealView Prices
🌅 Sunset DealView Prices

Now let’s try choose a time, it’s fairly easy to select between the 2 major times, and 1 slightly less common or popular hour to see the famous New 7 Wonder of Nature.

These 3 deals will get you to the top and back with passes are: 

  • Morning – the deal that compares to the most apparent things to do in Cape Town on a day. Deals in this early-bird category get this a top place in the list.
  • Afternoon – these are passes that exceed all expectations in terms of things to do in Cape Town. On this day you would experience a view like none other with Table Top beauty. 
  • Sunset – The afternoon passes compare to the sunset passes, they are special deals available from time to time. Sunset is the time when people gather at the New 7 Wonder of Nature to photograph special moments together. These are not regular passes but discount tickets and usually you would order the afternoon ticket and just stay for sunset, till the Cable Car closes around that time, of around 6pm to 8pm, but it depends.

Time and Hours: 

New times for Table Mountain and the Cable Car hours are posted below. They include opening times, closing time and FAQ’s. 

Most people searching “Is Table Mountain open today?”, can find the answer. 

The answer is, it depends. What? 

Yes, it depends on the day, season and most importantly, the weather. 

Hot days in Cape Town are likely to be open, cloud cover may be open and windy not! 

Be careful to order, before ordering check the Cape Town weather. 

But remember, passes bought off this site are valid for 7 days so there is time to go anytime even if the Cable Car is closed.

First let’s get into the weather, this will answer the frequently asked question:

  • Is Table Mountain Open Today?

The chances that you landed on this site because of that question are high, but have you bought your passes yet? If not, now is the time to order off of this site and get the tickets delivered. Table Mountain is likely open today depending on the weather.

The following table summarizes the question ”is Table Mountain open today” look at the column which best matches today’s weather and look to the appropriate row to compare.

All TemperaturesYes
Wind types
Light WindYes
Strong WindYes
Rain types
Light RainYes
Strong RainYes

The table has shown the conditions in which the Cable Car is closed and open. 

Expanding on the above table, here is an explanation of each type of day.

All temperatures: 

Table Mountain Cable Car is open in all types of temperature days, regardless. 

The day could be perfect or any other temperature and it would be open.

Wind types: 

=<30km/h wind: Open

Wind equal to and below thirty kilometers an hour are likely to be okay. Table Mountain Cable Car is unaffected.  

>=35 km/h wind: Likely not

When wind reaches 35 km/hour and above, the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway considers shutting down the ride. 

That’s right. You might be ready to take a ride on the Cable Car, but the next day it might be open. There are times the wind picks up mid-day and the Cable Car closes down, leaving those at the top without a ride. When that happens, you’ll know by a siren warning at the top of Table Mountain. 

The siren is loud enough to cover the full 3km length of the table top, so you’ll hear it from anywhere, or almost anywhere, 

Unless you plan on hiking down, make your way immediately to the upper station. 

The last ride leaves a good amount of time after the warning so use pace when the wind goes from 0km/h to 35km/h fast.

Rain type

The rain might be an indicator of whether the Cable Car is closed. If light rain is fine, heavier rain usually is a sign of closure.

The 2 types of rain which contribute to the funicular being shut are heavy rain and pouring amounts of rain showers  

Light rain: Open

The drizzle or easy trickle of rain is unlikely to effect operations. The day with a small amount of overhead droplets does not influence the hours or times at all. 

Heavy rain: closed

The presence of bucket loads of rain means the operations of the up is suspended but the down may still be operational for the people need to descend the mountain. 

  • Table Mountain Opening Times

What are the Table Mountain opening times? This question is answered in this paragraph along with relevant information.

The Table Mountain National park is open 24/7 but the Aerial Cableway is not. 

When it is open and when it is closed depends on the season. 

There are two main times for opening : 

  1. Summer – around December in Cape Town
  2. Winter – comes around June – July cold months.

Summer times for opening

The time is around 8am during summer and sometimes even earlier. The early bird tickets leave at 7:30am for example. 

Lets say on average that it goes up around 8 o’ clock in the morning during summer. 

Winter times for opening

The winter time means late sunrise, that is indicated in the start times for the Cable Car with the first ride going up around 8:30am in the morning. That is 30 minutes later than in summer and it is slower because sometimes the weather in winter is slightly colder, or  windier, or otherwise and the staff wait to see the weather conditions on the day and if the funicular can ride on that day and time.

Most often it departs on time, that means no delays in the opening hours for the Cable Car in Cape Town. 

But what are the closing times?


We discuss the time the ride closes and it’s best to pay attention because it’s about safety on the mountain as well. 

Don’t miss the Table Mountain Cable Car closing time because you don’t want to be stuck on the mountain at all. 

  • Table Mountain Cable Car Closing Time

The time the last car goes down the mountain varies from season to season. 

In winter, the ride closes earlier than in summer. In summer the staff may be on duty till as late at 8pm, or sunset. That is not usually the case during winter, in which, the sun sets as early as 6pm, sometimes even sooner if there is fog coming in from the sea.

To not get stuck on the mountain use the following times as a general rule:

Summer 7 ‘o clock 

Winter 6 ‘o clock

There are exceptions when the cable car closes as late at 9pm, but look to the following table for an exact date:

15 Jan – 30 April7:30pm
01 May – 02 May7:30pm
03 May – 31 August4:30pm
01 Sep – 31 Dec7:00pm
15 Dec – 15 Jan9:00pm

The above table shows the closing times for the Cable Car in different date ranges. 

Book a ticket for the Cable Car at any one of these times by following the link on our site to get tickets delivered to your email inbox.

Tickets are delivered within 12 hours for last minute and 7 days before the date for all other ticket dates. 

You should buy tickets before you arrive! 

Next is a section for Table Mountain contact details including the number to dial for all enquiries and provide information only to people who have bought tickets with us.

Contact and details:

There are 2 contact details for Table Mountain. Operations and tickets. 

We provide a service for the tickets and our contact number for all orders purchased through this site and are not related to refunds and complaints can be dialed.

  • Table Mountain contact number

Use the following number to

  • Purchase tickets
  • Change the date

+27 63 757 8496 (WhatsApp)


  • Do contact us if you bought tickets through our site.
  • Do reach out if you are a foreign traveler to visit Cape Town.


  • Do not contact us about anything not related to sales. 
  • Do not reach out if you are a South African citizen.

Use the following number to

  • Check if the Cable Car is open
  • All others not related to sales

+27 21 424 8181 (Landline)

This is the Aerial Cableway operations number and you cannot order tickets.

Click here to order tickets