City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town is a metropolitan municipality centrally located in the WC Western Cape province of South Africa. It is the legislative capital of South Africa and the second-most populous city in the country, with a medium-sized population of over 4 million people.

The City of Cape Town is known for its natural beauty, including iconic landmarks like Table Mountain and its surrounding national park, as well as its stunning beaches and coastline. It is also home to a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene.

The city is a major economic hub with a diverse economy that includes industries such as finance, technology, manufacturing, and tourism. It is also a major transportation hub, with a large international airport and several major ports.

The City of Cape Town is governed by a city council, which is responsible for providing a range of municipal services, including water and sanitation, waste management, public transportation, and emergency services. The council is headed by a mayor, who is elected by the council and serves as the city’s chief executive.

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