The Most Notable Animal Species Found on Table Mountain

Table Mountain and the surrounding Table Mountain National Park are home to a diverse array of animal species, including many that are endemic to the region. Some of the most notable animal species found on Table Mountain include:

  1. Rock hyrax: A small, furry mammal that is commonly seen basking in the sun on rocks and ledges.
  2. Cape mountain zebra: A subspecies of the plains zebra that is found only in the Western Cape region, including the Cape Peninsula.
  3. Chacma baboon: A social primate that lives in troops on the mountain and is known for its mischievous behavior.
  4. Caracal: A medium-sized wild cat that is adept at hunting small prey in rocky terrain.
  5. Cape cobra: A venomous snake that is found in the fynbos vegetation on the mountain.
  6. Ghost frog: An endemic frog species that are critically listed as endangered due to habitat loss and other threats.
  7. Table Mountain firefly: An endemic firefly species that is found only on Table Mountain.
  8. Table Mountain stag beetle: A large, flightless beetle that is also endemic to the mountain.
  9. Grey rhebok: An antelope species that is well adapted to the rocky terrain of Table Mountain.
  10. Leopard: Although rare, leopards have been known to roam occasionally on the mountain.

These are just a few finer examples of the many animal species that call Table Mountain and the surrounding areas home. The park is an important refuge for many endemic and endangered species, and conservation efforts are underway to protect and restore their habitats.

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